That’s not easy.

When you talk to people about innovative ideas, many of them listen carefully and end up with a note of caution “that’s not easy.”

I contest that it is not a very useful response for two reasons: one, almost anything worth doing is not easy and two, if a person has made up their mind on getting something done, then they would appreciate the “how’s” of the task, rather than reminding themselves that the task at hand is “not easy.” So, the next time someone comes to you with something innovative that you like to listen to, don’t say “that’s not easy” but rather point out one “how” to help them solve at least one puzzle in the myriad they might have.

If you can’t do that but you feel it’s a good cause/idea/effort/plan/prototype/invention/innovation, at least say “that’s worth a try.” If you think it’s lame and not going to work, tell them so. Simple.