Learn to Say No

One of the important management lessons is to learn to say no. It’s not about being rude, it’s not even about being selfish and it’s definitely not about lack of initiative. Time is an important resource and for most of the people, it seems to regularly fall short of the required mark – quite often it is because of the fact that you take so many things on us that we are not supposed to take up.

Saying No when needed is a Management Need

Saying no politely is not that difficult. It’s about understanding the requirements and putting those against prior commitments to assess if its doable without significantly hurting other things on the plate. It’s not as difficult as it might look in the beginning, but the key is to do this gracefully and accept that some people will not like this change in you, whenever you begin.

Finding free time


Time management happens to be a crucially important skill to learn. If you are good at it, you understand you need to be better. If you are not, you lose out on a whole lot. So, where to find free time?

These are some of the avenues where you can possibly find free time and utilize it to do something creative, constructive or grow by learning:

  • Commuting time to and from work
  • Lunch time
  • TV time

The most important happens to be the third one for most, where people can be spotted wasting hours sitting in front of the “idiot box” just to see whatever that is being telecast. Imagine if you save a little more than an hour a day of this time, it accumulates to 52 8-hour working days in a year or over 17 complete 24 hour-days!!