Celebrate Events – Create Stories


Many organizations like to underplay the hidden lingo that is commonly used in the organization, and try to ignore the organizational norms and events that make them unique – just because they’re so different. Is that the right thing to do?

As much as it becomes viral throughout the company, it becomes part of the core of the culture. Companies that understand and appreciate their uniqueness often benefit in two ways. One, they become confident of their own style of doing things and this leads to increased productivity; and two, they tend to attract the right kind of human resource that gels in well with the organization’s culture.

Smart executives understand these advantages, celebrate events and create stories through their actions. Channeling a company’s grapevine through a constructive media reassures the rejuvenated spirit of the company and it good for the company in the long-run.

Stories are created by the way the top cadre treat people and events, by the way they dress, talk, eat and sit, so much so that even the size of executive room and desk size inside the rooms help convey stories.

Are you conveying the stories that you want to, or unintentionally leading all to completely different stories?