Living through the Pandemic – II

Knowing that there’s going to be continued restrictions on movement for some time, and people are going to be staying at home a lot more than usual, I wanted to write about how we can make the most of this situation and talk about the pluses that will emerge out of this extended stay-at-home. In this post, I’d focus on the three areas we can possibly focus on while we’re going through this.

In terms of the things to do to make the most of this situation, I find we can leverage this time to enhance our connections, learn things and reflect on our lives.

Enhancing connections can be done by being able to spend more time with family, and be able to give some quality time to them to improve the value of the relationships. It also means connecting back with old friends through a call, or a video chat maybe. This time when things have been made to slow down, we can explore our relationships and invest in them to improve our well-being.

Learning things can come in a variety of ways, you can focus on learning a particular skill, read books, work on your art, or generally take up a hobby. You can probably leverage many available online courses in your areas of interest to expedite the learning process. This could even be related to learning things you’re passionate about, be it in your industry or something completely different.

Thinking back and reflecting on our lives could open up insights into the things we are doing right or the ones that need more work. We can utilize this time to reassess our lives with its different facets. Now, there could be a ton of different ways to go about this, but I find one effective way is to create categories (such as Physical, Spiritual, etc.) and write them on paper – then under each of these categories, start writing what your ideal life is and how you want it. Once you’re done laying it all out and committing it to paper, then it would be time to write how things actually are in all these different quadrants. Having a fair assessment of life is an important aspect in an effort to improve it, and we usually don’t find enough time to take stock here, so let’s utilize this time in this.

If you feel there could be some better ways to spend this time, please share with me as well.

The 3 most important areas you can choose to work on now are: Building and enhancing Connections, Learning things, and Reflecting on life.