Two Important Questions


These are the two most important questions you need to ask in most cases:

  1. Is this thing/situation/person/work the way you want this to be?
  2. If not, what are you doing about it?

If you keep asking yourself these two questions and keep answering them to the best of your abilities, you’ll keep improving your life and everyone will love you for it.

The Rise of Social Entrepreneurship


When you look around yourself, do you see problems? Do you see issues crying for attention? If you are a little conscious about your environment, your surroundings, the people you meet regularly and the places you visit routinely, you will notice a lot of things that are not how they should/could be. That’s where you can prove yourself.

Andrew Carnegie used to say that every adversity opens doors to loads of opportunities. Every problem is thus an “opportunity in disguise” – precisely what the concept of Social Entrepreneurship is all about.

It is simply about picking up a problem in your surrounding that could be improved and then moving a step ahead with actually improving the situation by solving part of the problem. You would notice there is so much that could be done that you’d have to hire people to start doing things pretty soon.

Never say never

One very important aspect of entrepreneurship is perseverance; unwavering dedication to the cause is needed because day-in and day-out one gets to meet several different people with varying attitudes towards businesses and their risks & return.

You need to learn and remember very early in the game that despite listening to everyone else, you always need to decide and do what you find satisfying and correct. With this kind of determination, the path would be easier to cross and interesting to go through.