Updates to fellow Entrepreneurs

Hi Everyone,
So, this post comes after a while. All around this time, these were some new developments that have happened:

– ‘Entrepreneurs Tub‘ has been finalized as the name of this group. We’ll be using this for further networking and discussion of opportunities. Feel free to join and contribute.

– I got to speak to a friend at Invest2Innovate about Entrepreneurship, Accelerator Programs, Venture Funding, Feasibility and Business Plans and discussion forums.

– Also, I worked on finding ways to take our discussion forum to the next round – have some ideas around that which I plan to try out soon.

– People, there was a StartupWeekend held in Karachi in November. I’m keen to know how was it from people who were there, pitched their cases or attended it otherwise.

That’s about it from my end for now. Keep rocking. Cheers!