On valuing employees


Most successful corporations have learned their lessons about people power, and come to a common conclusion: People happen to be at the core of their business. Internal branding, therefore, has become an important facet of branding issues, where the internal customer (most often, employees) are partnered with to gear the company for success.

Some companies live on hope (Management-by-hope), which is to say that ‘if’ this happens, we will get an ‘x’ amount of growth in our company, relying on that ‘if’ to happen. These are poorly managed structures, because these are the kind of organizations that think about employees the last, if they ever do it.

Proactive management means to not only anticipate change, but create the change that will come to shape. It’s not an approach. It’s a norm. Approaches change, norms hardly do. When companies are focused on creating change, they not only empower, but also involve and engage employees in their growth, the employees then relate to the higher vision and work towards the targets with missionary zeal.

There are some companies that will most likely never change – of course, until they cease to exist; it’s better for the proactive employees there to change their companies instead.