Living through the Pandemic

We’re passing through a tough time, where the extent of impact of this COVID-19 pandemic is far-reaching, global and devastating for many. Different governments are responding to this emergency in different ways, but all are focused on keeping their citizens safe and healthy.

Looking at the rate at which this is spreading and knowing we’re without a sure-shot solution to this (yet), the debate is focused on flattening the curve. What it essentially means is that we take care and exercise the necessary precautions in our individual capacities to ensure ours and others’ safety and contain the spread of this disease. It’s our moral and ethical responsibility, yes and it is in our own interest as well to do so.

Please keep washing your hands with soap and water, stay indoors as much as possible and help flatten the curve. This fight is beyond any one country’s borders, and as global citizens we are all in it together, so let’s put our fair share and make things count.