CFA Charter congratulatory link


CFA Institute is running a week-long global advertising campaign to recognize the outstanding achievement of new CFA Charterholders during 2011.

Print advertisements will appear in The Economist on 25 February and in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and The Globe and Mail on 27 February. Online advertisements will run the full week of 27 February on various sites including Facebook,, and

Search ‘Nooruddin’ at

See the CFA institute President’s congratulatory note for me here: Nooruddin Hyderabadwalla, CFA

Selection in the Top 30 Global Super Managers – ‘Last Manager Standing’ Competition


Recently, I was selected in the list of top 30 managers to participate in the flagship event of Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) India.  Only after the selection I realized, I am the only one selected from Pakistan and I also happen to be the only one from outside India.

I’m quite excited to participate in this international festival, however, due to visa delay chances are that I wouldn’t be able to attend it. * Sigh *

Hint: If you missed my name, check number 8

Analyst report

This is a report I wrote on the same company with two other mates, it is clearly illustrating that scientific writing and financial writing are really worlds apart. I have co-authored research papers in college, two of which were published in very respectable international publications in Aucland, New Zealand and IIM, Ahmedabad, India and can safely say there is a bit of unlearning to do for those who thrive in scientific writing.

Why is it different? What is so different about financial writing? What are the key themes in financial writing that need to be made sure. Is it better to write a small report or a long one? I would also talk about some of the issues in financial writing and how’s and why’s around it. Till then, you can have a look at the report and your feedback on this is most welcomed too 🙂

Investor Presentation

This is an investor presentation pitch that I made in collaboration with two other team mates at the business school. The idea about a good investor presentation goes beyond the color scheme and the number of slides. It is in essence built upon the storyline that you put forward. To build a credible story around your recommendation is very important – you can’t expect everyone to know about the company or industry you’re talking about as much as you do. So, make sure you have everyone’s interest.

Look out for many more tips coming about on how to handle investor pitch/presentations.

Valuation Model for an Oil & Gas E&P Company

This is a valuation model of a leading petroleum company operating in Pakistan, Pakistan Petroleum Limited. You can clearly see how this comprehensive model entails working on each individual component of the business, for instance, production and sales separately eventually building up within the model.

Although many businesses are based on simpler models, and are handled very differently from this one, some analysts focus on the complexity and predicting each individual tiny component so much that they lose sight of the big picture. I will be talking about how to go about modeling in some of the future posts where you will get to learn the to-dos and not-to-dos of the modeling world. It is always best to keep things simple, which can make life easier for everyone and increase utility of the financial model many folds.