What is the Role of Education?

Let’s question our age old concept of education, what is its role and what is it supposed to do?

It’s of course different from literacy, which is the ability to read and write.

Education might be imparted or not be in classroom environment.

The receiver has to be motivated.

The giver can take any form (could be a person, nature or even a machine).

Education should enable the person to think clearly and to question ideas. If you know the art of asking the right questions, you are half-learned anyway.

It should free a soul enough to listen to others’ viewpoint, and critically think through it without being offended, even if it is totally the opposite of what s/he thinks and believes.


Mark Twain aptly wrote: “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

Positive Stimuli

Hello Sunshine!! 🙂

Ever noticed that when someone posts a message on Facebook saying “Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!”, a lot of people start replying by saying “Happy birthday” on that same chain. Did the person request a greeting? No, not really but expression of gratitude often tends to create a emotional liability on many of those connected, so some of them just want to be part of the group you just thanked to. Also notice, some people just realize they missed the train, and didn’t greet you before and end up doing that on the chain.

Former need positive stimuli and the latter group often prefer reminders – it’s not a good or bad thing, but understanding this simple fact of life can help you manage yourselves and your affairs better.

Being positive makes you look attractive, and people want to connect to you in the hope that you would in the end shed some of your positivity on them and this is partially true as well. Regardless of what people think or say about you, if you’re consistently positive and focused on the way you live, you’d slowly change the way others around you start to feel.