Feb 2, 2013

Feb 20, 2014

Last year, I started a new thing: writing down my goals and achievement dates on the blog for viewers to see and for me to keep track of – I must say that helped keep some focus. This year, I am thinking about repeating this exercise, but with more frequent updates on the list:

  1. Make a fund-raising drive for spread of primary education in Pakistan – I’m thinking on ideas to support systematic primary education on a recurring basis across Pakistan – I want to do something sustainable and scalable [Attempted this passionately late July onwards, raised over Rs. 120,200/-]
  2. Go find some new eyes (as Marcel Poust wrote: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”) – exploring a place I have been to before, but in broader detail [Explored the city of Hyderabad (Pakistan) and surrounding areas in a different detail]
  3. Read 10 books on different topics of interest [Read 3]
  4. Travel somewhere I have not been to before [Done]
  5. Learn a new skill which could help me grow faster and/or think clearer [Jan: Learned further high-end Excel VBA macro coding and interlinking interactive reporting. Feb: Learned a little about persuasive writing and sales. Overall: Learned more about patience.]
  6. Seek out actively speaking opportunities to excite souls into reaching their potential – do at least 2 speaking engagements [Taught a course in Advanced Finance at PAF-KIET, was Master of Ceremony for a prize distribution cum musical evening with around 500 guests]
  7. Do at least 1 sport adventure during the year [Done – Did Bungee Jumping]

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