At this time when new year’s eve is around the corner, many people across the world might be thinking on how 2011 went for them and what to do in 2012.

I have lots to thank God for – uncountable favors, innumerable blessings in all forms and shapes. Now that we look toward the next year, I was thinking about setting out something different this year. I was thinking about setting out specific goals rather than broad based resolutions for the new year – then, I said to myself, may be it’d be a great idea to set these goals out on this blog and as I complete each of these goals, I’ll write a date of completion. This way I’ll be able to mark my progress on my goal-setting adventure and you guys can fill me in on any ideas to make things happen, wherever you can 🙂

  1. Make a fund-raising drive for spread of primary education in Pakistan – I’m thinking on ideas to support systematic primary education on a recurring basis across Pakistan – I want to do something sustainable and scalable [Oct: Raised some funds to educate children in TCF]
  2. Travel somewhere I have not been to before
  3. Learn a new skill which could help me grow faster and/or think clearer [Dec 1: Learned Salesforce.com and got hands on with Microsoft SharePoint use in global companies]
  4. Help someone with setting up a small-scale enterprise – I believe in the power of small and medium enterprise and their ability to make change on an aggregated, national and international scale [Nov 15: Founded a group for current and aspiring Entrepreneurs to discuss their issues and grow faster]
  5. Seek out actively speaking opportunities to excite souls into reaching their potential – do at least 2 speaking engagements [Nov-Dec: Sought speaking opportunities interacting with aspiring entrepreneurs of Pakistan and abroad]
  6. Do at least 1 sport adventure during the year  [Couldn’t do this one in 2012]

I’ll keep editing this page as updates come by. Till then, stay safe and stay blessed everyone!



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