Happy New Year and some thoughts…


As I sit in front of my system slowly sipping through my mug of tea and reflecting on something written on it – “Trust brings out the best in a relationship,” I decide to write a small post on these reflections.

What is trust? Trust is a belief, a feeling, some faith that one has on someone else. It’s fragile and it gets broken everyday – someone you believe in, someone you rely on and someone you think you can trust breaks it and things are never the same again. Few people don’t realize trust is an asset – a very valuable asset, not to be played around with all the time, everywhere. Forget about them, these people don’t matter anyway. What brings together this “trust” in the first place btw?

I think honesty and open communication are two things that are at the heart of a relationship – yes, you have to earn trust through these two things and yes, it’s a long process. No short-cuts there.

On this note, my best wishes to everyone reading it here for an awesome, fantastic, wonderful, joyous new year; May the new year bring lots of happiness, prosperity, success, peace, and fulfillment in your lives and give you all the time to share your joys and rejuvenation with friends, family and loved ones! Stay blessed and Keep Smiling!!


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