Exemplary Customer Service at Nando’s Pakistan


I happened to win one of the competitions setup by Nando’s Pakistan for its promotion during the Islamic month of Ramazan this time. The competition was quite interesting, so I sent in my entry. It needed me to write a tagline for a picture & a concept of one of the new deals introduced recently. Amazingly, I was selected as the winner for the competition and offered a deal for two.

When we went there, along with two other friends, we were not treated right in terms of serving priorities for food, courtesy of staff as well as the deal details. I came out pretty upset mostly because of the impression I left on the fellows I had invited over. Anyways, I wrote an email about this to the customer service person at Nando’s a day or two later. To my surprise, their receptivity to this new information was quite awesome.

After apologizing for what had happened, they actually made a point to try and spot the mess-makers in their staff and offered me a complete dinner for 4 in an attempt to please me. I hesitatingly agreed and later on decided on a date to dine at Nando’s. Although I had called the same three fellows, one never came due to his previous bad experience.

I was quite delighted to notice the additional care and attention to detail that was taken in welcoming, offering a comfortable table for 4 this time, serving, and selecting pleasantly courteous staff. We had a proper dinner, and enjoyed the entire theme totally more than ever before I had visited Nando’s. The other two fellows shared this story with several others including the one who didn’t show up and we’ve at least made 10 more people visit Nando’s because of this story.

Customer service needs dedication beyond the duty, and understanding the clients’/customers’ needs and wants and delighting them always. Seth Godin writes about building a tribe and making a purple cow; these kind of stories certainly help float another purple cow around.

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