Many people suffer from this deadly habit of procrastination where they keep on delaying things until such time that the knife hangs on their necks. Many of them do it so often that they forget there happens to be an alternative. Sometimes, they feel bad about being late but mostly, things are fine as long as they do it. Can you remember someone in your friends’ list who shares similar traits?
Some businesses, like human beings, develop this habit of procrastination. These kind of businesses are often seen fire fighting on small, petty issues rather than strategizing on more important ones. Three most common reasons why this might be the case could be:

  • Organizational head is a procrastinator by nature, hence, everything else falls into its place – late.
  • Organization has a lot of “inertia” as I like to put: This happens when the size of an organization grows much beyond their managerial capacities.
  • The key executive/(s) in organization are trying to get the maximum benefit out of their position while they’re still on their seat. This is actually the worst reason of the three, principally, because this leads to lower employee morale, disgruntled employees, higher attrition rate, losing out employees to competition, bad word-of-mouth for the organization and the overall poor perception of the organization in the industry.

Once an organization has successfully¬† identified why it has turned into a procrastinating organization, and figure out what’s the reason, the decision to make is to change or not. The point I want to make here is that to successfully identify the reason behind the lethargic organization is at least as much important as the decision to change, since latter without former would only create confusion.

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