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In today’s post, I would be writing about two very interesting and helpful functions of Excel that could be exploited to improve efficiency when working on MS Excel:

Show All Formulas:
Sometimes, when working on complex models, one needs to give a quick run-through of the entire model to check for any inconsistencies that might have been unintentionally left out. Use ‘CTRL’ + ‘~’ to see the magic. Clicking these two together changes all the functions in a way so as to make them all visible. This is very helpful when checking the financial models or understanding the models linkages quickly.

Converting Text to Numbers: Oftentimes, when people are working on information sheets with information that is contained in a set of cells, the information extraction process can be overwhelmingly high. For instance, there could be addresses of people residing in a particular city as a text, where you want to separate their postal codes/ zip codes. Considering that the postal codes are 5-letter figures, you could use this formula ‘=VALUE(RIGHT(A10, 5)).’

Using VALUE lets you extract numbers within text and convert the same to numbers in a separate cell and RIGHT (alternatively, LEFT) is used to identify the number of characters that would be extracted from a particular cell from the right or left side, for instance, in this case, it’s 5 characters from the right of cell A10.

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  1. I find it very useful to use shortcuts when working in Excel. Here is a short list:
    CTRL Shortcuts
    CTRL + A. Select All
    CTRL + B Bold
    CTRL + C Copy
    CTRL + ALT + V Paste Special
    CTRL + D Fill Down
    CTRL + F Find
    CTRL + G Go to
    CTRL + H Replace
    CTRL + I Italic
    CTRL + K Insert Hyperlink
    CTRL + N New Workbook
    CTRL + O Open File
    CTRL + P Print
    CTRL + R Fill right
    CTRL + S Save workbook
    CTRL + T Create Table
    CTRL + U Underline
    CTRL + V Paste
    CTRL + W Close window
    CTRL + X Cut
    CTRL + Y Repeat
    CTRL + Z Undo
    CTRL + 1 Format Box
    CTRL + 5 Strike-through
    CTRL + 9 Hide row
    SHIFT + CTRL + 9 Unhide row
    CTRL + 0 Hide column
    SHIFT + CTRL + 0 Unhide column
    CTRL + ~ Show formulas/values
    CTRL + ‘ Copy above formula
    CTRL + [ Precedents
    CTRL + ] Dependents
    CTRL + ; Display date
    SHIFT + CTRL + : Display time
    CTRL + Space Select column
    CTRL + Enter Fill selection w/ entry

    There are many more so feel free to contribute!

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