Looking through a prism

Remember back in school physics laboratory classes, there was one experiment we used to do with prism where a ray of light went through the prism to show complete VIBGYOR set of colors in a white ray. Entrepreneurs often need to develop the ability to become such prisms, wherein they could look through a seemingly simple white-ray-like issues/people/ideas to find out the possible colors within the spectrum.

This is in essence the ability to dissect the individual concept and look at its various dimensions, alongside taking a holistic approach integrating individual components of the situation.

In order to be successful, this ability to sum-the-parts & part-the-sum is very useful. This can be developed and enhanced by careful concentration and keen eye on one’s surroundings, sights & sound. So all it needs is a bit of motivation & a bit of time, and you’re on your way to your ability to looking through the prism glass!

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