Accepting Change

Change is the only inevitable. As easy it is to say this and as often as we get to hear this, there is more to it than just words. Life is in a constant state of flux where things, resources, situations, circumstances, people, emotions and perspectives all keep adjusting to the newer knowledge we get by the passing day. What then, should one do? Avoid it or Accept it. In the former case, would it be worthwhile alternative to move on with. In the latter case, when should this be accepted.

In life, there are 10% of the things that one may actually control. While this looks unacceptable to start with, you’ll accept this if you notice you cannot change the number of vehicles on roads you travel, number of people smoking around, number of spontaneous shoppers in a store and lots of other similar things. What you can control is actually a fairly small permutations of the host of all possibilities. It is important, then, to accept the changes that life proposes in things that you cannot control. It is wise because this way you get to concentrate on making improvements in the things under your control while incorporating the new changes in all your strategies.

When internet was introduced, most of the businesses were skeptical of the change that had come. Many mail order businesses thought it unwise to diversify their customer acquisition & retention strategies on the internet because they failed to accept the change. Those that accepted it, had a bigger pie for them (rather than a bigger piece of the same pie).

It takes courage, lateral thinking and the understanding that change needs to be adapted to for individuals or companies to possibly get any benefit from it.

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